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Cybernoid 2

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  1. Anonymous

    6 meg is practically anaemic for a PC game - and the average PC game doesn't even get close to the playability of Cybernoid.

    Now, how about a logical extension to the Cybernoid formula, with some metroid style explorable areas, hidden powerups and big bosses? :)
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  2. Anonymous

    Gah! Nah, I'm done with Cybernoid 2 now and I don't think I'll be touching it again. However my planned next game will have Metroidey-explorey bits in it. Hopefully as well as lots of other stuff, too.

    But that'll mean drawing craploads of graphics... Bah!

    Graham Goring
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  3. Anonymous

    Its a very very good remake, i used to love the C64 version and its superb loading tune. Those were the days eh, showing off to your friends with a loading tune biggrin.gif

    Has anybody ever thought of an Armalyte remake?
    Posted 17 years ago #
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  4. tto

    This is an incredible remake but where is the level editor? The docs mentioned it in a few places. sad.gif
    Posted 15 years ago #
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