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Lunar Jetman

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  1. Anonymous

    as good as mine, nice teleporter and missile. no hard feelings :)
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  2. Anonymous

    I used to love this game on the speccy, and my son and I have been happily playing the original on Spectaculator.

    This version is great, down to the last detail - including the fact that it is just as damn hard.

    Just one request - can we please (PLEASE!) have an option to turn off the in-game music. In itself it is great, but it does get irritating after a while.

    Great stuff - thanks.

    Dave Cooper

    Worship songwriter extraordinaire.
    Check it out http://www.thatfatalkiss.com
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  3. Anonymous

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!
    Ahh the memories :-))
    Keep up the great work Andy
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  4. Anonymous

    Wonderful - brings twenty year old memories flooding back!

    (wipes tear from eye...)

    Posted 19 years ago #
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  5. Anonymous

    I thought I was the only one that was into Lunar Jetman!
    I am currently studying an NC in computer game design, and research older, simpler games for reference.
    When I saw this version of Lunar Jetman I couldn't believe it.
    The gameplay is absolutely perfect.
    Well done and keep up the good work.
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  6. Anonymous

    The game is brilliant. I admit I've never played the original one (only JetPac), so I can't compare.
    But this remake is superb. Graphics, music and extreme playability.
    Retrospec logo (with Speccy tape-loading sound) is just great. Brings back memories.
    Game is hard like...I dont't know...like hell =). BTW is it possible to finish it? I've destroyed 9 bases and scored 147470 (then died hit by the 10th rocket=). And the game wasn't over. Or maybe it is just a game for points? Either is good for me, anyway.
    Posted 19 years ago #
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  7. Anonymous

    I have downloaded Manic Miner, JSW, and Jetman. Jetman works fine, but the sound on the other two does not work properly. They both sound like a machine gun!
    Can anyone help pse?
    Posted 18 years ago #
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  8. Anonymous

    I only found Lunar Jetman recently. I'm already hooked on the music - both the title screen and in-game tunes. Classic Matt Simmonds. smile.gif

    I'd love to get hold of the music files (I'd bet money they're FastTracker mods or something similar!) separately. Can they be downloaded from anywhere?
    Posted 17 years ago #
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  9. asio


    again.. amazing game.. I just commented on exolon... even the sound fx.. the teleport sound in LJM biggrin.gif

    that and manic miner were the first 2 games I got when I was a kid... I still have both the original tapes here after all these years..

    the game is the same as I recall.. although i've not put the speccy one on in years.

    they also found solar jetman recently "games that never were"... dunno if you've seen that.. c64 version... wonder if they ever did a speccy version..
    Posted 17 years ago #
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  10. robdoc888

    Looking to play a game from my youth-'Underwurdle' by Ultimate.
    Had so many hours playing it, can anyone help?
    Quite new to 'modern computers' and have tried using an emulator on the Retrospec site but cannot get it to work?

    Posted 14 years ago #
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