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Atic Atac

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  1. KevinO

    QUOTE(Duds @ Mar 23 2007, 01:50 AM)
    Hi KevinO

    Good to see a new post - and a new challenger for my crown. You are definitely on the right track but I think you need to think a little harder.

    You can improve by knowing all the locations where keys can be found and then adjusting your route slightly to take advantage of that knowledge in the caverns. All that dropping and picking up could be better. Also, you're wrong about having to find a key before the Basement.

    That's enough clues - wouldn't want you to get too good - I might just have to come back out of retirement!

    Good luck.
    P.S. If you want an easier challenge use the "view all" feature on the score board to see that I'm the fastest... but also the slowest. Beating the slowest time shouldn't be too hard - if you have the patience...

    Alright... I'm yet to get a great map for this route but I scored 2:14 on it today with a -terrible- run in the caverns:

    From start: S, E. If you have the green key, open the door S then drop it and proceed as before, otherwise restart.

    Continue picking up a piece of the main key, then down the the basement and take the yellow. Then S, E and jump down the trapdoor without dropping anything.

    S, S, take main key, N, N and around back past the demon to the basement and straight up the stairs. Drop the parts of the main key, taking the green and keeping the yellow.

    Head straight up to the attic, grab the handle for the main key. Drop down again, go through the barrel, grab the rest of the key and out.

    This is different to the route you hinted at but is quite a bit better than my last, I'll see how fast I can get it with the right map.
    Posted 15 years ago #
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  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the following objects are for:
    Posted 14 years ago #
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  3. jend

    Awesome game well done! The spectrum was a huge part of my childhood, and this game was the best! Brilliant remake!!!

    Found finding the 3rd key bit tricky until I read the forum... although I can't see any of the gifs so couldn't see the pic of the key, but knowing that I wasn't looking for the old handle made the diff.... just in case anyone is in the same boat as me the handle is now has 4 round red jewels with a gold outline... I must have run past it a hundered times!

    So I managed it in plus 10 mins... but I'm happy with that! Go serf!!!

    Posted 13 years ago #
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  4. Retroman

    To the developers,

    Thank you very much for converting Atic Atac to the PC. It looks and sounds fantastic and it even plays better than the original.

    Once again,

    Many thanks.

    Posted 12 years ago #
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  5. LF

    Hi, Like others I've collected all the parts and then have trouble exiting, so what do I need to do? I've tried all combinations (and I'm in the room with the ACG doors), so how do you exit ie order of keys - they need to be picked up don't they, and once in order what do I need to do? Thanks.

    Posted 12 years ago #
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  6. Anonymous

    It seems the Spectrums are just an Easter egg. Though it would be good if they did something or we had an online leaderboard that relates to collecting them.

    But you can still set yourself a challenge with them. For example, complete the game taking not only the parts of the ACG key, but also the Spectrum, back to the room you start in. Try to do it in the fastest time you can as each character.

    Posted 10 years ago #
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