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  1. sureis


    wizball is one of the most playable games here. the graphic is first class. i have spent many hours on it and owe you many thanks. although the old game wore out with the old computer, this one catches it. great!!

    Posted 14 years ago #
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  2. Daecon

    I grew up with Wizball for the Atari ST, so while I have fond memories of the game, I'm really noticing the differences between the ST version and the C64 version.

    For a start, the title music is completely different, and I'm having real trouble managing to fight multiple waves of sprites at the same time.

    It would, however, be nice if it were possible to save my game, partly because the difficulty of having multiple waves means I'm more likely to run out of lives before I complete it, and also because I rarely have the time needed to play for a 2-3 hour session in one go.

    But still, thanks for remaking Wizball, it was one of my favourite games as a child.

    Posted 14 years ago #
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  3. Daecon

    There's a problem with controlling (the?) Catellite, in that it's possible to move "forward" while keeping the DOWN button pressed, but to move "backwards" you need to release the DOWN button.

    My poor fingers can't cope with the confusion and I often end up missing colour droplets because by the time I remember I have to let go of the button to be able to move in the opposite direction, it's too late.

    Posted 14 years ago #
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  4. DraLUSAD

    hello, first post of the day ^_^

    I love the old C64 games and i was soo happy when i found out that some one remade Wizball it.... yay... i would play that none stop... anwyway i downloaded my self a copy and had a real good bash at it, and am quite impressed with the graphics... but there are some down sides to the game i found, and maybe i can add some suggestions that can be of use

    Downsides and/or missing:
    Some times when in either full screen or not, screen goes black, so i have to quit the game to reload it up, most of the time its fine

    Normally, on the C64 platform wizzy would move up/down faster when Anti Grav is enebeld,

    Normally on the C64 again, when either collecting a cyan chemical or even just waiting, ther is normally a Filth Raid music bit

    Some parts of the levels, and some other areas can still be passed through, some collitions are not right in some of the objects

    Adding an Auto Refire button assignment, when wizzy is on his own, tapping the button is far to slow, whiles the Kat it active, refire is auto active

    Adding a Diffacultie level (not in C64) easy, Normal, hard, each one will reflect on how many lives you are given, and the Aliens rate of fire

    Adding a Save function to the game may also boost game play, situations such as going to work... or having to give up the PC to one who needs it :(, adding that save function will safe time and effort on arguing the one next to you who needs that PC XD

    Adding extra options of Screen resize, such as the option in game to either go to Full Screen or Windowed, as well as the size like, 800 by 600 then 1024 by 768, ect

    all in all, i thank you for remaking wizball, it i never got off it, when dad had his C64 :)

    Posted 14 years ago #
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  5. Daecon

    Well I'm guessing this half-finished Wizball remake is long dead and forgotten project.

    I'll stick with my Atari ST emulator.

    Posted 13 years ago #
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  6. Anonymous

    You've made my life complete!! Thankyou good sir Goring!

    I love you. I love you. I love you. Can't describe the feelings of awesomeness this remake brings back from childhood. I played co-op with my big sister for days on end till we finally finished it... Now, 24 years later, I'm going to send her this link. Thankyou!

    In thanks - please let me know if you need graphics / animation for any of your projects. I'm fulltime in my dayjob as game designer, but love arting/animating for side projects in spare time! :D

    Posted 10 years ago #
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