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  1. Anonymous

    Zub is here
    Posted 11 years ago #
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  2. Anonymous

    all feedback welcome
    Posted 11 years ago #
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  3. Anonymous

    nice game, thx smile.gif
    Posted 10 years ago #
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  4. sureis

    see i had this game a long time ago and i knew already how playable it is. once again a great remake of it. for me this challenges your pong and space invaders (nothing less playable about space invaders) i think zub needs a plug. important advice when playing zub is that if you duck down on a cloud you control it. this is the real nostalgic one for me. although it was a seldom known game on the speccy it was one of the real modern ones for me and i like to play it for hours. many thanks.

    Posted 9 years ago #
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