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Pen-Pen Xmas Olympics

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  1. Anonymous

    Any feedback is welcome smile.gif

    Extra command line options, for "advanced" users smile.gif

    small - will display in a small 1x1 pixel sized window / full screen
    scanlines - will display every second line in 2x2 pixel a bit darkened
    win - will display in a window instead of full screen
    wide - will try setting a wide screen resolution (full screen only)
    Posted 15 years ago #
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  2. fog

    very nice game.. thanks to all 3 of ya..

    just 1 thing.. as columbo said.. Matt's music has been buggin me...

    the music , was he a bit inspired by jeremy ellis?

    jeremy ellis reason 4 demo @ namm 07

    has a great arcadish feel to the game, cutesy graphics..

    and as for the music, can't beat a bit of sub bass smile.gif

    and it's fun to play...

    your the guy behind head over heels also? I would play this game far more. I was never a fan of the original HoH's anyway..

    keep up the good work all 3 of ya.
    Posted 15 years ago #
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