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Knight Lore II: WulfRyder

By Peter Hanratty

A sequel to Ultimite's classic Knight Lore

27th July 2006 - Slight change of direction...
I've decided to work on a straight remake of Knight Lore for the time being. That will give me time to perfect the engine and get a remake out in the process. Look for Knight Lore in the list for further updates.

2nd June 2006 - The main engine is ready and testing is underway. Anyone with decent hardware needent worry since I'm trying to push the requirements as low as possible.

13th May 2006 - Things are starting to come together. I've been playing with spikes and balls and things and I'm aiming for a proper engine test pretty soon. As for when, it will be ready when its ready - and I'm only showing it to people I like :p

24th Apr 2006 - After a brief detour (i.e. Oblivion taking over my life for a few weeks - dam fine game), I'm hard at work again on the engine's tool set. This is a long and tedious excersise but I'm making steady progress. More to come soon.

27th Feb 2006 - Finished the basic object classes. Animation works nicely and the rest of the work is coming along faster than expected.

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Platforms: pc
Start Date: 02 February, 2006
Finish Date:
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Graphics: John Blythe
Sound FX: Jeff Braine