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Jetpak - Solar Crisis

By Richard Jordan

Jetpak - Solar Crisis is the first in a planned series of Jetpac remakes from Retrospec

Finished at last. This is my fourth attempt to finish a Jetpac clone. It all started many years ago...

Jetpac version 1 - written on the Amiga using Amos. I just liked the Charlie Fotheringham Grunes sprite from Nodes so I stuck a jetpack on his back and hey presto, an up do date version of Jetpac. Never got finished!

Jetpac version 2 - started this one in the mid 90's. It's written on the premise that if you can get a pointer to the screen memory, and plot a pixel, then you can do anything. That's how I started games programming on the PC and it's horrible. Thus, canned.

Jetpac version 3 - (or Solar Jetpack) was a project I used to learn DirectX. Now DirectX is lovely and powerful, but for the amateur games programmer it's a bit over the top and I got sick of learning it. I yearned for the care free days of Allegro :o)

So, Jetpac version 4 was started and finally I've managed to complete a Jetpac clone. It's been written using the Allegro games programming library. I used said tool for Klass of 99 and Fairlight.

Hello to eBayer sounding.great!!


Downloads Tracked: 44540
Platforms: PC
Start Date: 11 January, 2003
Finish Date: 10 November, 2004
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Graphics: John Blythe
Coding: Richard Jordan
Writer: Graham Goring
Music: Matt Simmonds