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Turmoil - The Battle of Wizards

By Matt Smith

Fancied being an undead wizard or throwing a gooey blob at a friend? Well soon you'll be able to do just that on your PC.


About Turmoil

Turmoil is a Windows remake of the Spectrum classic, Chaos. Although Chaos was not revered at the time (Crash

even reviewed it in the adventure games section), it has since rightly become recognised as one of the greatest

Spectrum games.

Version one will be a straight remake of the original. Network play might be added to a later version if there is

demand. It would have been complete by now had my hard disk not crashed and then I decided to enter the housing

market. Expected completion will now be sometime around November/ December 2002


An early version by Dan Condon-Jones.

Chaos Links

Gooey Blob - An active Yahoo groups community for all

things Chaos related

LaserSquadNemesis - Julian Gollops latest venture. Rumour has it

that the next project will be based on Chaos.

Brent's Chaos page - Full

instruction and inlays of the original


Other Remakes

Chaos for the Gameboy - Just that. I lower my head in awe and respect

Law - A Java based client and server. If you can organise a server then a network game will follow

Imbroglio - A lush looking live in-production remake

- A cancelled version but nonetheless comes with a very pretty demo

Cerebral Bycycle Company - An open source VB version. Seemingly cancelled but the source is available

Open Chaos - A project to decide interfaces for the various Chaos remakes. Seems cancelled.

War of the Wizards - A very famailiar looking game for the palm pilot. But one which charge money.

Creators - Another suspicious commercial release which bares a very close resemblance to Lords Of Chaos.

Chaos Funk - Possibly the only fully functional PC remake of Chaos that has been completed so far - It's also rather snazzy, with a very nice trick of smoothing coloured in versions of the original graphics which the author is too mean to share the code for.

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Platforms: pc
Start Date: 17 November, 1999
Finish Date:
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Animated graphics, possibly special effects code: Dan Condon-Jones
Coding: Matt Smith
Background graphics: Peter Jovanovic