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atic atac viewer

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Friday 12 November, 2004

Finish Date Monday 22 November, 2004

A windows map/room/object viewer and map file exporter for atic atac

Use the XML to create your own games or viewers with 100% accuracy.


Axl Projects

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Friday 16 September, 2005

Finish Date Wednesday 08 February, 2006

A series of game libraries to help with the mundane day to day life of writing a game.


filmation viewer/editor

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Thursday 01 January, 2004

Finish Date Saturday 01 May, 2004

View/Edit/Create knightlore, alien8, pentagram; view maps, objects and rooms graphically; website detailing the whole system of filmation; create your own spectrum maps for these games.

Also has files to create your own remakes with 100% accuracy.


Game Mapping Tool

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Friday 01 January, 1999

Finish Date Sunday 31 January, 1999

Semi-Automates the map creation of a game by screenshot copying.


Graphics Ripper

By Tomaz Kac.

Start Date Saturday 01 June, 2002

Finish Date Thursday 13 March, 2003

Rip Graphics sets, sprites, whole screens from Snapshots, Save State Files, etc. Amiga, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum supported.


HyperSpeed Emulator

By Matt Smith.

Start Date Tuesday 04 July, 2006

Finish Date Saturday 05 August, 2006

A Spectrum emulator with an auto-track-and-field runner



By Ignacio Perez Gil.

Start Date Saturday 15 December, 2001

Finish Date Wednesday 18 May, 2005

Isomot is a free ad easy to use engine to make isometric games with Allegro.


Sabrewulf Viewer

By John Dow.

Start Date Friday 01 January, 1999

Finish Date Monday 22 November, 2004

View sabrewulf map with source code and map data.


SGE (Spectrum Graphics Editor)

By Richard Jordan.

Start Date Wednesday 01 January, 1997

Finish Date Thursday 01 January, 1998

Open up a spectrum game and grab the graphics or loading screen or make animation.

Greate for remakes :)


Tile Extractor

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Saturday 30 September, 2006

Finish Date Monday 02 October, 2006

Tile Extractor's purpose is to take a map of game, extract the unique tiles and give it to you in numerous formats for using in a game. Or simply just to see tile graphics in the game.


Tilemap and Tilesheet Generator for Godot

By Neil Walker.

Start Date Sunday 02 June, 2019

Finish Date

Creates tilemaps and tilesets for Godot. Useful when using maps or tilesheets or spritesheets.


Z80 PC Assembler

By Peter Hanratty.

Start Date Thursday 21 September, 2006

Finish Date Tuesday 03 October, 2006

PC-based Z80 Assembler