About HoH
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Head Over Heels was released, um, a while ago. Around about 1987 if I recall correctly and it was immediately praised in the press as being quite the bestest thing ever. Not only was it a huge game for it's time, it also had great graphics and was very addictive - if somewhat punishing in its difficulty level. The variety in the locations was amazing and the challenges brilliantly designed. Quite rightly it was awarded with pretty much every accolade that could be bestowed upon it by the various magazines. Even today it still stands as a brilliantly designed title and has never really been bettered in the isometric adventure genre.

This version is a pretty darn faithful remake of the Speccy original except with a few spanking extra bits grafted on like a save system and subliminal flashes of erotic art (if I have my way!). I should perhaps tell you a bit about the team who's making the game. I'm the one responsible for the graphics (apart from the lovely logo which you see adorning this site) and I'm Graham Goring.

The programming is by the very talented Tomaz Kac (who only wrote this game because of a hastily scrawled diagram posted on the Retrospec mailing list about how you can't properly sort isometric games without complex masking), the excellent music is by Dorian Black (who I understand has a picture of an old man in his loft - ha ha ha!) and this website and the games' logo is by Pierre Jovanovic.

Other contributors are James Curry, Kakarot, Milos Babovic, Metka Jostl and Sir Dave-O whose beta testing has been invaluable in both ironing out the programming bugs and also refining the layout of some of the rooms due to the handling being ever so slightly different to the Spectrum version.

On a personal note I've also been encouraged by all the lovely people at the pixelation forum ( and of course the other members of Retrospec who have now grudgingly accepted that I can actually draw fairly good graphics.

Graham Goring