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Hello and welcome to the comfy, cosy, rose-tinted, warm, fuzzy and nostalgic home of Retrospec's latest (at the time of writing) remake: Head Over Heels.

Now, most of you are probably familiar with the game as it's regarded by most people as one of the single finest games ever to appear on the Spectrum. It combined everything that was lovely about Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond's last game (Batman) with a much bigger map and an incredibly innovative two-protagonist approach which allows for many more puzzles. If you're not familiar with it, then I'm somewhat curious how you stumbled into this webpage, but seeing as you're here I'll give you a history lesson...

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Update 5.jan.2004

A critical bug was found in the LINUX port of the game so we issued a patch and an updated version (1.01) is available for all you Linux users out there. Go to downloads and download the patch only if you already downloaded the previous version, otherwise a full 1.01 version is also available for download.

Update 18.dec.2003

It's been a long time in the porting and now the LINUX port is available. It is still a bit experimental, but it should work on all Linux flavours out there. Go to downloads and grab it now. Also please read the readme file before you attempt to install ! Thanx to J.P. Morris for the port!

Update 14.oct.2003

New desktop wallpapers by Pierre for your viewing pleasure. Available in two flavours and three different sizes. More than 5 milion pixels in total. Grab them now.

Update 03.oct.2003

Mac OS X port done. Huge thanks to Angelo Mottola for doing all porting stuff with this one. It had big problems because of different processor, but in the end it all worked out. Go to downloads section and grab the installer.

Update 29.sep.2003

BeOS port of the game is now finished. Big thanks to Marcin 'Shard' Konicki for making this possible. Head on to downloads and grab it. Soon other ports will follow!

Update 23.sep.2003

The game is finally RELEASED. Check out the Downloads section where you can find the Windows version of the game. Ports to other platforms will (hopefully) follow. Also added are the new Manual and Online High Scores section. If you want your name and score to be preserved for eternity then enter the code there. Hope you like the game !

Update 16.sep.2003

The game is VERY close to completion. To whet your appetite we added some more screenshots.