Guide Pen-Pen down the icy slopes of Ice Town. Try to qualify in many different events.

Race down the slopes going through the slalom gates. Each succesful gate adds a multiplier to your high score, try to collect the bonus items for a bigger score and cross the finishing line in before the qualifiying time runs out.

Race downhill as fast as you can collecting bonus items as you go. Jump over obstacles to add a multiplier! If you managed to grab all the coins you'll free a star sprite giving you a massive high score and an extra credit! Finish in the required time to qualify.

Ski as fast as you can and launch yourself into the air by pressing the jump button on the edge of the ramp. Hit jump again to land. Jump the required distance to qualify.

Pen-Pen (player 1) :
Keyboard / Joystick
Action CTRL keys Joystick 1 Button 1
Left Cursor Left Joystick 1 Left
Right Cursor Right Joystick 1 Right
Up Cursor Up Joystick 1 Up
Down Cursor Down Joystick 1 Down

You can press <ESC> key to get into the MENU at any time in the game. The same can be done with Button 2 on any of the joysticks. On the menus you can restart the game, exit to main screen (or to System) and turn Sound On/Off. In the main screen you can also display High Scores and select the online or local high score table.