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Retrospec - Retrogaming at its best

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Retrospec founded?

In February 1999, around the time that Klass of 99 was underway. For the exact moment, look here.

When will the next alpha/beta of (insert game here) be out?

When we're ready. Most of us have full-time jobs and/or studies to do as well as coding/drawing graphics/making sound effects. Some days we get home and just can't face sitting at a PC. You'd be surprised how often we get asked this sort of thing. We usually wait till finished though. Just as a tease ;)

I can't wait for (insert game name) to be complete! What's keeping you? Even I could have coded it quicker, and I use punched cards and COBOL.

See the previous question.

Can I join Retrospec?

Depends what you can do. If you can demonstrate a reasonable talent in graphics or sound, you're in, just send us some links to art work. If you're a coder, you'll have to convince us that you are seriously working on a remake project, and that your values (i.e. what you consider the important aspects of a remake) are the same as ours.

Can I be a beta tester for (insert game here)?

Sorry, but no. We have already chosen testers for all our games. If we need more testers, we'll stick a notice up on this site, along with a link to mail the appropriate person. Before then, please don't ask.

Will (insert game name) be ported to (insert machine/OS here)??

What's there is there.

I can't code, do graphics or do sound... But I'd still like to support you guys. How can I do this?

If you've got a web page, add a link to us. If you write for a magazine, do a little article on us (don't forget to tell us!). If you've something to say or some suggestions to make, post a message on our forum. We don't want money (well we do, but not for doing Remakes), we don't want your underwear, we don't want marriage proposals.

Didn't I see something about the team in xxx Magazine?

Yes. Possibly. Check out out media appearances section :) If it's not there, please tell us as we probably haven't seen it!

Can I put your games on my CD?

We don't allow our software to be distributed with any commercial or free enterprise without first obtaining permission from us. Depending on what your CD is, how it's being distributed and how much you're charging for it, we will make a decision about whether or not this is acceptable. Please use the feedback form to contact us to request permission.

I'm writing an article on Retro gaming for a magazine, would you mind answering some questions?

Fire away!

Do you really paint your toenails?

If you're asking Jeff, yes he does. Fingernails too sometimes if he's bored. Rumours about the rest of the team are as yet unsubstantiated.