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Spanish - by Ignacio Perez Gil15020
Russian - by Arik12875
German - author please contact us to get praise!9328
Brazilian Portuguese - By Francisco Yamauti8654
Polish - by hominus and Marek Januszewski8588
French - by Damien Ivan - http://www.onefineline.com8344
Italian - By Michele Cesari7078
Portuguese - by José Filipe Silva - click for website6602
Slovakian - by Boris Kalinin - http://www.linspect.com5740
Slovenian - by Tomaz Kac5587
Dutch - by boxoneedles5382
Danish - by Malik Lund5238
Ned - Glaswegian charv - by John Dow5095
Hebrew - by Noa Lederer5085
Swedish - By Johan Peitz - www.freelunchdesign.com4997
Croation by Andrija Antunović4264
Bulgarian - by SektorZ: www.SektorZ.com4258
Turkish by Onur COBANOGLU4228