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Arif Majothi

Some say he glows in the dark

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

To every generation a slayer is born. One to protect the innocent and
defenseless against untold evil. She alone will stand against the rising
tide of darkness. Unfortunately, this time there was a stuff-up, and
the slayer powers were granted to a bloke named Arif.

Determined to put his slayer powers into action, Arif toured Manchester
breaking up bar fights and clobbering Everton fans. Sadly his thirst
for disrupting the plans of the unholy was interrupted by university
where he started being visited by a mysterious man in a leather coat.
Anxious to find out more about the mystery man, Arif altered his study
stream to one more befitting to a person receiving nocturnal lamentations
from brooding enigmatic males: hair and beauty studies.

During this course Arif learned the correct way to apply blush, the 3 rules
of eyeshadow colour selection and how to code in C++ thanks to class nerd
"Jello" (a nickname coined by her peers due to her fondness for writhing
naked in gallons of trifle with another girl). One night, the homme fatale
showed up and Arif followed incognito, indetectable and in stilletos. He
followed him into a small shed and found himself surrounded by fierce
axylottl lovers, scrabble players. The man in black removed his coat, looked
sternly at Arif and said in a menacing geordie voice "H'away buddy lad" and
other sterotypical utterences designed to strike fear into any self-respecting
mortal. "Here, have a mug of ovaltine and pull up a keyboard"

The rest, as they say is NOT history, but unfortunately was cut short due
to Sarah Michelle Geller quitting and Fox budget cuts.