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Bill Harbison

3D Artist gone flat

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

On now to Bill, the latest addition to the RetroSpec team. Bill was born during the year of the great Dorset Donut Debarcle and as such has strong feelings about the use of fish in dainty delicacies. Despite this, he has a passion for Mr Kipling's Salmon and Toffee Cream Slices
which leaves his desk smelling a little like Graham's underpants, but I digress.

Bill used to be a great coder - pulling sprite routines and recursive z-space ordering algorithms out of (careful - Ed) thin air (ha! -
Jeff) at a rate of knotts. Since that unfortunate incident with the Vic 20 and the girl's gym kit however, Bill's decided to concentrate on doing graphics for us - and aren't we a bunch of happy bunnies in springtime?