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Dan Condon-Jones

He'll have a 'P' please Bob

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

Dan is probably the only person in the entire world who would even think of complaining about not being ridiculed on this page. In fact he joined RetroSpec just for the dubious honour.

Contrary to popular belief, the picture to the left of this text really IS a good likeness to Dan. In fact we have to keep him in a large tank connected to a vast multitude of cables (under the sink in the RetroSpec clubhouse kitchen). So concerned for his welfare are we, that Graham has been banned from keeping his axolotl in the kitchen, and Guy has been enlisted to feed him his tetrafin every evening.

Dan's main claim to fame (well, other than being a member of RetroSpec) is that he's the only green throbbing thing to have appeared on ITV's popular quiz 'Blockbusters'. During his reign as gold-run champion, Dan had a bit of a love affair with Bob Holness (allegedly - Bob neither confirms nor denies this - Legal Ed)