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Retrospec - Retrogaming at its best

Peter Hanratty

The RetroSpec team's resident werewolf

Slave to the machine

Personal Website http://www.stonewolfsoft.co.uk

Naturally, the one who's working on WulfRyder, Knight Lore II. The only member of the team who is able to eat one of Jeff's curries and actually enjoy it. Peter is the bassist in the RetroSpec band 'Attribute Clash and the Rubber Keys'

Peter has returned to Retrospec after a long absence and is once again teaching postmen the meaning of fear.

He's been programming since he was 6, but bares his fangs when anybody asks him how long ago that was.

In the times when he's not howling at the moon, coding or devouring virgins, Peter enjoys a bit of private philately and listening to Bing Crosby.