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Jungle Trouble PC

Graphics and programming
by Arif Majothi
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Created in 30 days for the Retro Remakes Compo 2003

Remember the early eighties? When people were busy getting mullets, listening to Spandau Ballet and writing love letters to Samantha Fox?
Well it was during this time, that a clever chap called Mike Richardson of Durell Software Ltd, created a cute, addictive little game for the ZX Spectrum called 'Jungle Trouble'. It was basically an arcade/platform type game where you tear out all your hair, trying to escape the perilous jungle by surviving several tasks.  It looked easy, but it wasn't. This is undoubtedly the most difficult game I have ever played in my life, and I probably threw more bricks at the screen playing Jungle Trouble, than I did when The Roland Rat Show was on (I was too young to hold a gun).
My PC remake remains true to the original and even I can't complete it without cheating, so you have been warned!...

'Jungle Trouble' by Mike Richardson/Durell Software Ltd, 1983.
'Jungle Trouble PC' by Arif Majothi/Retrospec, 2003.

Jungle Trouble PC is programmed in C, using the Allegro 4 games libraries (written by Shawn Hargreaves)
With improved graphics and sound, this remake trys to hold the same charm as the orignal spectrum classic.

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Email: leatherface@hotmail.com
Retrospec: http://retrospec.sgn.net
Retro Remakes: http://www.remakes.org
Download Game
'Jungle Trouble PC' v1.01 for Windows 95/98/2000 and probably XP too.
Compiled 17/JUL/03 - 960Kb
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