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Versión española

2-The story.
3-The game.
6-Legal bits.


    In 1988, Zigurat released a game that ended up being one of the best Spanish games of all times (although pretty unknown out of Spain): Humphrey. It's cute graphics and addictiveness overcomes it's grat difficulty (wich I've tried to take down on this remake), made this game one of the most remembered by all the Spanish 8 bit games fans.


2-The story:

    In Humphrey you take the role of an alien movie megastar from year 2454, who, being at the very edge of madness due to his fans mercyless besiege, goes for a quiet retirement on his brand new mansion, built on a secret place from the galaxy... only to find most of the house's forty rooms are not finished yet, his fans have located and invaded the place, and the worst thing of all for his poor tortured mind: all rooms are painted on the wrong colors! If Humphrey wants to stay on the world of sane men, he will have to get his paint bucket and his paintbrush and do the work by himself, avoiding the hordes of mad fans that are hunting him down looking for an autograph...

3-The game:

Humphrey is our story's protagonist, and you must help himp to paint the floor of all his house's forty rooms. To paint each floor tile you must step on it, but try to do thid withouth falling on a hole, die becouse stepping on electrified floor, and not becoming mad if any of your fans touches you! To avoid this, your best resource are your jumping skills: Humphrey can jump long distances and even maneuver on the air while jumping. Jumping like a mad flea is usually a good tactic, if you have a bit of care with the poisonous flies that wander arround, that is! Luckily enough, you will find various special tiles that will help you a lot if you get them...

The fans.
Among the members of Humphrey's fans club there are part of the most wreid and mad species from the whole galaxy, and those five are just a small sample. Fortunately enough, most of them are not very intelligent and just wander arround, but other ones actively hunt you down (although they usually can't see you while youare on the air, jumping).

The flies.
Those are not fans, just local fauna. They are not interested at all on you and just fly arround, but they have a lethal poisonous sting, so you'll better don't jump on any of them!

Electrified tile and switch.
Stepping on an electrified floor tile is a bad idea. There are very little ways of loosing a life more stupid than this one. Howevwe, stepping over the switch will disable them for a short while.

"BOM" tile.
Stepping over thi one will set up a bomb that will explode on a few seconds destroying everything arround. That includes you, so be careful!

"STOP" tile.
Using this tile, your fans will be paralyzed for a while. But don't trust them, touching them is still a bad idea!

"No Pisar".
"No pisar" means "Don't step". It's name says it all. Don't step on this tile if you don't want to get a bad sourprise. Don't tell I didn't warn you...

Mobile plattform.
You can use this to travel trough vast areas of empty space unable to be traveled trough by any other ways. Your fans never go on it, so it's a safe place to be at.

Glass and bottle.
There's nothing like a nice sip to calm your nerves; get those two objects and you will be able to give your fans a nice beating, and getting a lot of points :)

"Extra Life" tile.
Stepping over this tile you get an extra life. I bet you already had guessed that before I told you :)

"$" tile.
You like earning lots of points? Then you already know what to do if you see one of these...

First aid kit.
Contains a powerful tranquilyzer that will let you have contact with your fans for a short while withouth being driven mad.

"Tele Trans" tile.
This one work in pairs: if you use one, you will be teleported to the other, on other place of the room. Just as the mobile plattform, this is a safe place where your fans can't get you.


    On first place, I want to say thanks to Jorge Granados, for making the original game. I want to say thanks too to all the chaps from Retrospec, for their support and valuable suggestions. This game has been made using the Allegro and DUMB libraries, so a lot of thanks to Shawn Hargreaves, Ben Davis and all the other people who made them possible. Oh, and a lot of thanks to Peter Hull too, for compiling the OSX version, and finding a couple of bugs on the first release of the game, to Traperic, who compiled the Linux and GP2X versions, to Emilio Florido, who did the same with the FreeBSD one, and to Diedel, for the PSP port :)


   This game has been made by:
      Original game: Jorge Granados.
      Music: Adam Dawes (
      Graphics: Benito Manuel Nemesio Cubells.
      Code and sound effects: Ignacio Pérez Gil.

6-Legal bits:

    This game is released as freeware. That means you can freely distribute it as long as it's for free and nobody gets any money for it, and as lons as only the original zip file is distributed, with all the files inside of it.

    Zigurat and his old members still keep the game Copyright. This version's distribution doesn't mean they are resigning those rights.

    And one more thing: in the remote case that this program or itís use causes any kind of damage, I will not accept any respnsability; you will be on your own.



    By now, Windows, OSX (many thanks to Peter Hull for compiling it!), Linux, GP2X (many thanks to Traperic for compiling it!), FreeBSD (many thanks to Emilio Florido) and PSP (many thanks to Diedel for this one!) executable versions are available, but as the game's source code is being distributed on this very page too, on a short time I'm sure there will be many other versions available :) If you are interested on compiling the game for any system, I'll be very glad to put this version here :)
Download the Windows, OSX, Linux, GP2X, FreeBSD or PSP executable version
Download the source code


©2001-2008, Ignacio Pérez Gil.

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