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Versión española

    Here you can find some Spectrum games I've modified in one or other way (you need a Spectrum emulator to play these, look at the links section to find some), and a few other games I've made for Windows that, although they are not remakes, I think they are worth to be here.

Spectrum Games

Manic Miner 5: Los Peligros del LSD (The Perils of LSD)

     My own version of the classic Manic Miner, with twenty brand-new rooms.
Download snapshot
     The version I had of this game was password protected. I've hacked it to remove the protection.
Download snapshot
Forgotten Worlds
     On the original version of this game, to rotate the player's characters you had to move them forward or backwards while firing. That made impossible to move back or forth and shoot on a certain direction at the same time, what made the game not very fun to play with. I've hacked it to solve this; in this version, you can shoot on any direction while moving on any other, and to spin player 1 clockwise or anti-clockwise, you just need to press E or W respectively, and K or L for player 2. That way, you have much more control over the game, that makes it much more fun to play (although it maybe makes it too easy too).
Download snapshot

Windows games
These games are in Spanish, but they are simple enough to play with so you may not have any problem with them. Anyway, you can e-mail me if you have some quuestions about them.

Master Mind

     90% the people who start programming games, makes a Master Mind. And I'm not the exception...


     Like connect 4, but with three dimensions. Two players can play, or just one aganist the machine, with three difficulty levels: easy, very easy and ridiculously easy.


    Up to four players, any of them (or many) can be controlled by the computer.
 Download the three games

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