The libraries found here perform the fundamental tasks you need in a game. AXL_FRAMS is a complete framework for games creation. AXL_GRANI is a repository for graphics created from a XML file with easy retrieval, a comprehensive Animation system and collision detection. AXL_CONCUR reads/writes custom and allegro configuration values from a XML file and starts up Allegro using the values set.

The Animation and Configuration options (the first two bullet points) are handled transparently via AXL_GRANI and AXL_CONCUR. These are described in more detail below. These two modules, although part of the Framework are independant modules and function just as easily without the Framework. For example, you may wish to just use the Animation module.

The Framework does not have to be used as a complete FPS based control system, you can use the Framework just to load up and Initialise Allegro providing the code with a graphical mode, access to animations, graphics and configuration settings, and exposure to the created buffers (e.g. video, system or memory bitmaps).


Each of the libraries are self-sufficient and can run without the others. However, they can be used together to complement and enhance their capabilities. Such as if the framework is included with the animations or sprite library they can output debugging information to a file. if fblend is included with the animation library then it it used to increase performance for the animation fading routines. These are explained further in each section.


Where Next

No doubt it is the full framework that you plan on using, however because the Animation and Configuration modules can be used standalone, and because they are a large document in themselves, it will be best if you follow the documents in the order of the menu, i.e. firstly learn about Configurator which will let you see exactly what Allegro features the Framework incorporates and how to set up the XML for starting and using allegro. Secondly learn about the Animation library as this will teach you about the graphics and animation handling that are incorporated into the Framework and show you how to set them up.

Once you know these two libraries you should be able to learn about the Framework and not be overwhelmed by the information provided (the Framework document does not contain information on setting up the XML f