Jumping Jack Title
Last Updated: 04/11/2002
Versions now exist for DOS, Windows DX and Linux. Source Code also available

Hello and welcome to Jumping Jack. Skunk standing still

The Original Jumping Jack Was Crap Wasn't It?

Yes. And No.
The gameplay was addictive but repetitive and the graphics were crap. So any remake based on this would be crap. But with the new adventures of Jumping Jack you can:
1. Play the normal game and progress through 9 levels to reach the goal.
2. Play death-match against upto 4 human players (using the same keyboard), complete with safety zones and weapons to crush the opposition
3. Play death-match against upto 1000 computer opponents each with one of 4 personalities
4. Play death-match against humans and computers for the ultimate thrill. Thats if you have any mates ;)


Release 1 - The New Adventures of Skunk McGeordie
This version was the first to be released and is based on a poor geordie boy (Newcastle supporter) wanting to become a mackem (Sunderland Supporter). Each level gives a new 'Toon Spotting' line and death-match mode has fireballs.

Release 2 - Worryingly Familiar
This version came about because I realised I'd forgotton to putin one of John's animations! a motorbike. So I decided to ditch the football theme and make it more of a pure Jumping Jack version, but still include the deathmatch/multi-player versions. There is the additional graphic, the original Jumping Jack poem, no background images, no coughing, improved speed and sound maintenance, and upto 1000 computer robots rather than 200. I have also defaulted this version to 60fps rather than 30 as in Skunk (it is still toggleable though). The change was because my computer was giving me 550 robot opposition at 60fps quite easily.

Downloads for Jumping Jack - Worryingly Familiar
All533 k Windows binary and source code

Downloads for Skunk McGeordie
All1218 k Windows binary and so