ChucklePie Productions Presents... Underwurlde: Resurrection

Long dark paths have I travelled,
through caverns and hidden labyrinths,
my path grown darker...
Deathly chill as I approach the "Well of Evil"...
guarding the UNDERWURLDE.

I approach, fix my rope, and with a firm leap,
swing down into the depths of THE BLACK VOID.
The air rushes past as I decend down into the dark dank hollow,
disturbing the dust,
a debris of long-since fought battles and struggles.

Progress - Last Updated 18/09/2000
Game Graphics
Sprite Graphics
Level Design
Menu System
Sound Effects
Game Coding
Sprite Coding
Story Coding

Original This contains details on the original version
Original GraphicsThe original game are shown here. The more observant will notice that the underwurlde level walls are duplicates, as I cannot find the other side as yet!
email meIf you would like to add a suggestion, supply/require further information, would like to influence how the game progresses or inform me of errors then email me

Jeff Braine Use celtic knot around menu, low-colour version around gamescreen; Use layering to make rooms a bit more 3D looking: layer 1 - back wall; layer 2 - things SabreMan passes in front of; layer 3 - things on same plane as Sabre man; layer 4 - things in front of SabreMan; Make layers move when SabreMan jumps; Have "shafts" as one scrolling room? Poss same with tunnels? (more modern, plus easier to see approaching obstacles); Make less easy to fall off bubbles - make them a little; bigger?; Stop Sabreman 'bouncing' as far when hit by nasty - have 'hit points' instead -- Die when hit points hit 0, or bounce when hit points hit 0??; Make use of 'ropes' better - make more obvious when stalactite is going to fall.
Dan Condon-Jones Don't lessen the bouncing around, don't change the size of the bubbles or give Sabreman hitpoints. To me, the main thing the raises Underwurlde above all of the clones that followed (like Nodes of Yesod) is that you do spend most of your time bouncing all over the place, and that absolutely nothing can