22nd January 2002
Got all speech for all lessons, need to make the speech start when class begins. Added teachers response to Swots grassing up. Added telling off when Eric does something wrong. Will now get teacher to chase Eric if he's not in class.

21st January 2002
Fixed bug with stage area, has co-ords of room incorrect. Fixed bug when other kids sat on Erics lap. Class begins when Swot sits down. Swot grasses up Eric. Got teacher speech bubbles to work, which seamed to take ages to get the scrolling correct. Made teacher ask question and swot to respond. Fixed bug with catapult shooting through solid walls. Modified some more graphics for Eric.

20th January 2002
Fixed the bugs with Erics jumping and stopped him moving when he uses the catapult. Made Eric sit down, with a combination of 'Down' and 'A' but not on the stairs. Also checked if Eric is on a special chair, so he can sit down at computer or desk. Now other kids check to make sure that a chair is free, if not paces back and forth in class until it is. Thats enough for today, I'll pass it to the testers. Noticed bugs with stage area (again) not detecting on stage when on far left. Also Eric sits down and some one sits on his lap, oops! will fix these tomorrow.

19th January 2002
Got Eric jumping and collecting shields when he does. Made Erics Catapult fire, by pressing the 'B' button, and knock down teachers, also bounce them off their heads to collect those out of reach shields. Teachers legs are missing at the moment, if I have time I will come back and sort them out (need to resize the sprites to be wide not long?). All 15 shields in place and active. Added speech bubbles to the teachers so they can say anything, so they give their code out now when hit. Made teachers clean board and write the class subject on the board before starting the lesson. Found a few bugs when Eric jumps, need to fix these soon (damn testers are just too good these days)

18th January 2002
Its all systems go again with collecting the shields, the bugs yesterday have slowed me down a little. Once a shield is hit it begins to flash, and if you hit them again it will stop flashing (so acuracy will be required when collecting them and getting them all to flash) Now its onto the lightswitch and swapping those character graphics to display eyes only. Modified all the existing graphics to include white eyes when the lights are off. Lights finished now made Eric jump when 'A' is pressed. Added special collection items like the key, poison and opening the safe.

17th January 2002
Things are really looking good now, gave a version to Richard Jordan, so he can snap some screens for his web site. Added shields and the collection routine. Trying to make them flash once collected. Also added another map that overlays the first, so game characters can walk behind objects (eg door frames). Added Fade in and out. Testing discovered a bug where Eric could get trapped in Alberts room, so spent ages fixing that. Also implemented the stage area, so finally Mr Wacker can give his assembly.

16th January 2002
Long day at work so got home and little time for coding, spent most of it converting graphics to tile based ones. Modified the map slightly. Added collision detection for locked doors.



15th January 2002
Added a credits screen with scrolling text, converted from the PC version, modifications included resizing and repositioning the title screen, will modifiy the wording later. Also added an options screen and the start of day screen.
14th January 2002
With the timetable working correctly and all the teachers and kids going to the correct rooms it was an evening of testing. Small bugs fixed when teachers have free periods.
13th January 2002
Busy weekend, wrote a routine to allow a character to move to anywhere from anywhere. Added actions to make kids sit, loiter and stay when instructed. Added Albert's special features like locking and unlocking doors to the school and his office.
10th January 2002
Got the basic room to room movement, mapped all the nodes and room positions as well as all the routes from one room to another. Coded these different from Richard's, not having the speed of the PC meant I had to use lookup tables.
9th January 2002
Richard Jordan gave me the source to the PC version, now its all systems go. Messed around with some simple graphics for the school and some of John Blythe's cartoon graphics (hope I get their permission to use them).
8th January 2002
What a Christmas, need a game idea for a compertion that www.gbadev.org are running, only have till Feb to complete it.

Modified an existing game engine I had, which gave me a good start to displaying the map. Copied the map from an unfinished version for the gameboy (never will finish this because of the restrictions with the number of sprites on one line) thank goodness for the GBA.

Can now walk round the map steps are working so can go to all three levels. Added attribute to the map to detect walls, doors and chairs (will add more later)

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