PICCIES!     (Click here for GBA screenshots!)
The following pictures are actual screen shots from the game although the hardy perfectionist out there will notice that they've been processed in the name of presentation. If you have a JScript enabled browser then you can click on the pictures to double their size. If not, get one!!!

The start of a new day and the kiddies arrive, much
to the pleasure of Messers Whacker, Withit and Rockett!

The chaos is brought under control as
Mr Wacker delivers his early morning assembly.

First lesson of the day sees Eric and
chums in the science lab with Mr Rockett.

Mr Rockett staking out the loo.

The kids settle down for a dose of TV
under the watchful eye of Mr Wacker.

Poor old Albert just sokes up the punishment.

He's the new guy in town, it's Mr Bitt. Eric doesn't
seem too interested in today's computing lesson!

Home time at last, but they'll be back tomorrow.