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Latest news: 6 Dec 1999

I have decided to use Allegro for also the Linux version. The Work in progress of Linux performs a lot better than the latest official version of XWinAllegro. And wow... I just made a new alpha test version release for both DOS and Linux!


This is the official home-page of Xybernoid, a Cybernoid remake for Linux/X11. Xybernoid is being written by me, Tero Turtiainen for Linux in C. Also a DOS-version is in the making with possibly a Windows version too... I have just made an alpha test version for Linux/X11 and DOS...


Well, Cybernoid was one of my favourite games for Spectrum, the first computer I had in the 1980's. Cybernoid was written by Raffaelle Cecco, whos speciality was action games with lots of colour (yeah, even in Speccy) and huge explosions. Some of his masterpieces include Cybernoid (of course), Cybernoid 2, Exolon and Stormlord. So when I wanted to remake some Spectrum game I decided to do Cybernoid (and Knight Lore remake was already in progress... :) for Linux/X11, and somehow the name got changed to Xybernoid... :-)


Only time will tell when Xybernoid is ready. I have just released an alpha version releases so that you get some idea of what this is all about. Currently you can fly in the first level and shoot some aliens (they cant kill you yet, lucky bastard). This is my hobby project and I have a life so the progress can be halted unexpectedly ;-)

At the moment you may have a look at the development diary And if you really dare, go and download the alpha test version!