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Download the alpha test version

This is a quick and dirty alpha-test version 2 with very minimal documentation. Basically you can fly your ship through the first level and shoot aliens, they try to shoot you but you are invincible, which is nice.

You may move the ship with the cursor keys and shoot with space. 1-5 keys can be used to select special weapons, though some of them are not yet implemented. H is pause and ESC quits the game.

Linux version

If you have Linux with X11 download the Linux-version. Linux version has been developed on Debian potato Linux. I would like to get feedback how well it runs on lower spec machines...

Extract the tar-ball with "tar xvfz Xybernoid0.02.tar.gz" and run the executable "xybernoid"

DOS version

If you have DOS or Windows machine you may download the DOS-version. Unzip with your favourite Zip-program and run the executable xyber.exe.
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