Pozdravljeni na straneh programov iz prejšnje Jugoslavije za 8 in 16 bitne mlinčke.

        Amstrad/Schneider CPC

ZX Spectrum
Commodore 64
Amstrad CPC
Commodore +4
Atari ST
3D Pinball

       Jezik: Angleški
    Povzetek: Dober Fliper.
     Skupina: Igre & Prezentacije 
       Avtor: Bernardin Katić
  Leto Izida: 1989
      Format: CDT
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Sinclair ZX Spectrum verzija

Disketna verzija igre (DSK)

Originalna navodila

Loading instructions

Amstrad Load Instructions
464: Press CTRL and small Enter
6128: Type ITAPE and press Return.
Press CTRL and small Enter
Enter to Start Game
Space to launch the ball
The flippers are controlled by the Z Key and / key right flipper

Chasing A High Score

The rules of pinball are simple- keep the ball in play for as long as  possible
and rack up as many points as you can. In this implementation of the game,  the
machine doesn't eat coins -  and no matter how much  you shove and pull on  the
flippers, there's  no danger  of getting  the dreaded  TILT message!  So on you
go..... As  with a  real pinball  machine, a  little care  and thought  can add
points to your game. Don't just hit the flippers every time the ball gets  near
- try and catch the ball, let it  come to rest and then bash it back  into play
with an aimed shot. And real bonus rounds can increase their score considerably
by letting the  bonus value on  the dial build  up before collecting  the bonus
value with a well-aimed shot through the bonus trap feature.

Finding Your Way Around The Table

(1) Bonus Dial Bonus points are awarded in hundreds - the circular counter keeps track of the bonus score, lighting the 20, 30 and SPECIAL lights when 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 bonus points have been accrued. The bonus score showing on the counter is automatically added to your score and the counter is reset to zero whenever you manage to get the ball into the Bonus Trap. If SPECIAL is lit when you get the ball into the Bonus trap, you are awarded an extra ball, and from then on while the current ball remains in play, there's no need to get it into the Bonus Trap to collect bonus points -they are automatically added to your score each time you clock up 1.000. If you do bash the ball into the Bonus Trap again, you collect 5,000 points, so it's still worth going for. When the ball goes out of play, the Bonus Dial resets to zero. (2) Bonus Trap Get your ball in here when there's a decent bonus showing on the clock. You've got to get the Gale (3) open first however, and it is only open while the Revolver(4) is spinning round. Some nifty work with the right flipper is called for ... And you collect ten points for each revolution of the Revolver, so go for it. (5) Rollover Lanes. Putting the ball through one of these earns 50 points and lights the lane light. Light all three lane lights and you score 200 points and advance the Bonus Dial by 400. Flipping the right flipper shuffles the lights, so you can get an unlit light in a lane just before the ball rolls through it. (8) The Black Role. Nestle the silver ball in here to collect 200 points and advance the Bonus Dial by 300. (7) Bumpers British Standard Pinball Bumpers - bounce the ball of 'em to collect ten points a time. (8) Hairpin Whizz the ball round this mini Wall of Death as fast as you can-the faster the ball travels, the more points you earn up to a maximum of 200 with an advance of 300 on the Bonus Dial. (9) Tombstone Targets Knockdown Target One for 100 points and a Bonus Dial advance of 100, Target Two collects 200 points and advances 200; Target Three, yes you've got it, collects 300 points and advances the Bonus Dial by 300. Then drop the ball into the Target Pit at the end of the channel to reset the Tombstones and start again... (10) Sidebar Lights Worth 60 points a pop; light the set of six and collect 400 points and advance the Bonus Dial by 500. (12) Inner Rollover Lanes. If the light is lit when the ball passes through, the Bonus Dial is boshed up by 100. (13) Outer Rollover Lanes Pretty lights glow when the SPECIAL light has been lit. With the light lit, snuggling the ball down here earns a whopping 2,500.