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        Sinclair ZX SPECTRUM

ZX Spectrum
Commodore 64
Amstrad CPC
Commodore +4
Atari ST
File Compressor
Mladen Popović

       Jezik: Hrvaški/Srbski
    Povzetek: Super Kompresor.
     Skupina: Koristni Programi 
      Format: TAP

Originalna navodila
File Compressor
(for advanced ZX Spectrum users)

File Compressor is an utility for compressing ZX Spectrum files. It has been
developed in year 1996 by Mladen Popovic (Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro).
File Compressor v3.5 for ZX Spectrum 48/128K (3 KB)
                (decompression routine = 150 bytes)

Above version works with cassette tape and DISCiPLE/+D disk.
Loading command is LOAD ""CODE : RANDOMIZE USR 18432

LOAD FILE load a file (max. length = 41780 bytes) from cassette tape o
           DISCiPLE/+D disk into Spectrum RAM memory
COMPRESS FILE compress an existing file in memory
DECOMPRESS FILE decompress the existing file in memory which is compressed
           with this compressor
SAVE EXECUTABLE FILE with header save compressed file with decompression
           routine which is 150 bytes of length. ORIGINAL FILE LOCATION
           is an address from which will be decompressed file put after
           executing decompression routine
SAVE EXECUTABLE FILE headerless same as above but without header (with
           original flag or user specified) 
SAVE DATA FILE with header save compressed or loaded file (existing file)
SAVE DATA FILE headerless same as above but without header (with original
           flag or user specified)
QUIT reset Spectrum

Known bugs:
- if you LOAD file from DISCiPLE drive 1 you can SAVE file on drive 2 without
  results and vice-versa
- if you try to LOAD a filename from DISCiPLE disk which doesn't exist on it
  you don't get an error report and a phantom file, length 16715 bytes, occupied
  Spectrum memory


 FC v3.0 Turbo Loader for ZX Spectrum 48/128K (1 KB)
is a turbo loader for loading turbo speed (1.5 times faster) games/utils blocks
- SCREEN$ up to 6912 bytes
In original loader you must find X starting address, then load FC v3.0 Turbo
Loader with MERGE "" and type:
RANDOMIZE X : POKE 23952,PEEK 23670 : POKE 23953,PEEK 23671 (ENTER)
and save turbo loader with SAVE "name" LINE 0
after that load and start FC v3.0 nt, compress SCREEN$ (if exist) and save it
with 2100 baud speed and the same with machine code
 Turbo Copy 128 for ZX Spectrum 128K (5 KB)
is, in fact, a little changed Mastercopy128 with added following options:
1 - loading files which are saved with normal speed
2 - loading files which are saved 1.5 times faster
(you can hear a sound when you press "1" or "2" on really ZX Spectrum 128 keyboard;
that's an indicator);
when you want to save headerless file 1.5 times faster then go to VIEW mode and set
a pause before save this file to 6-9 seconds
(1-5 seconds for normal speed)

Pokemaker + FC v2.1 for ZX Spectrum 128K

(Pokemaker for ZX Spectrum 48/128K)

Pokemaker with added options:
Z - Memory page (input is hexadecimal number from 10 to 1F) 
X - Move block 
C - Call FC v2.1 (go to File Compressor v2.1) 
O - Printer on/off
H - Number conversion (HEX -> DEC if number has 4 digits or DEC -> HEX if
    number has 5 digits)
U - Load file (if TAPE LOADING ERROR then program will wait for key press before
    message READY is shown)