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Atic Atac

By Richard Jordan

From Atic dark to Cellar dank, in Caverns deep and swampland rank. The garden green spawms hideous life, the outhouse treasure leads to strife Awake...awake...and find the key! For only then wilt thou be free!

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Jasper by Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard

I never did believe in Ghosts or Monsters... Not until now, not until the Main doors of the Castle closed and locked themselves behind me... There's no key here!!! I'm trapped!!! HELP!!!... HEELLLPPPP!!!!... No-one can hear me... I'm alone... Why do the doors open and slam shut??!!... Is anybody there??...
HHEELLLLPPPP!!!!... I can see strange shapes materialising on the other side of the room... Evil eyes glaring at me... Footsteps... Somethings coming down the corridor... Something large... Something cold... I must run quickly... QUICKLY... HHEELLLLPPPP!!!!... I must escape before it's too late!!!!!

Now that you have been trapped in the evil haunted Castle, your object is to find the hidden Golden Key of A.C.G. and escape via your only exit, the Main Doors.

The Castle consists of 5 floors, including the 'Atic' and the caverns, which contain countless rooms. Within the many rooms you may find furniture, food, drink, objects, Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters. Eat and drink sparingly so that you do not deplete your food supply. Collect and utilise any objects you find
to your best advantage, be wary of slamming doors and working trapdoors which will try to trap you and avoid contact with all the Ghouls and Monsters, as each of these will use their best endeavours to hamper your search.

Each of the characters, Knight, Surf and Wizard, are armed with their own specific weapons, individual movement type and use of one set of secret passages, unbeknown to the others.


Downloads Tracked: 42150
Platforms: PC
Start Date: 12 November, 2004
Finish Date: 18 May, 2006
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Coding: Richard Jordan
Graphics: John Blythe
Music: Matt Simmonds