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Harrier Attack

By Matt Smith

The great Harrier Attack. Soar the friendly skies, raining death from above.

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Jasper by Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard

I bought Harrier Attack for £5.95 from Tesco back in 1983. That was an incredible sum to me back then, but I'm glad to say that I got my enjoyment from it. I thought it was ever so naughty at the time.

There has been a good article about Durell software in Retro Gamer issue 11, if you can afford to buy a back issue off EBay. To my great joy they are still out there, though now peddling insurance software.

I still contend that Durell is the best software house for the Spectrum. I've got my mind to do Turbo Esprit or Thanatoss in the future.

Some links:

Durell solutions - They are still going in Taunton. Yay!

An interview with the author Mike Richardson

The original Crash review

Downloads Tracked: 19606
Platforms: pc
Start Date: 01 June, 2004
Finish Date: 22 April, 2005
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Graphics, Code, Sound: Matt Smith
Graphics: Arif Majothi