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By Ignacio Perez Gil

Isomot is a free ad easy to use engine to make isometric games with Allegro.

* 18/05/2000 v1.0.
- Added the ism_coords_iso_to_2d and ism_coords_2d_to_iso functions, to convert from 2d bitmap and 3d isometric coordinates.
- Dirty rectangles are now disabled by default. If you want them, you must enable them with ism_enable_dirty_rect.
- Improved C++ compatibility.
- Minor bugfixes here and there.

* 27/05/2005 vb0.5.
- Added ism_set_floor and ism_move_floor functions to draw the floor using a single bitmap as well as the existing functions to draw using a series of grid sized bitmaps.
- Added the ism_set_gloom_percentage so you can tell Isomot to draw the room darkened by a given percentage.
- Added dirty rectangles optimisation, and the ism_enable_dirty_rect, to enable/disable it if neccesary.
- A couple of not very important bugfixes.

* 02/11/2004 vb0.4.
- This version was never made public, as it only had a couple of minor changes.

* 01/08/2003 vb0.3.
- Added the ism_collided_against and ism_collisions_number functions, to make collision detection easier (thanks to Ron Ophir for the idea).
- Support for transparent objects.
- Optimized shadow casting.

* 30/04/2003 vb0.2.
- Support for any color depth bitmaps.
- Added the ism_lng file for interface optimisation.
- Just from the start, Isomot was planned to be a C project, but I has ben compilin it all this time as a C++ project withouth noticing it. This caused a lot of errors to appear when I compiled as plain C. All of them are fixed now (thanks to Neil Walker for the tip).
- A couple of minor optimisations and bugfixes.

* 22/03/2003 vb0.1
- First public beta.

Downloads Tracked: 3781
Platforms: source
Start Date: 15 December, 2001
Finish Date: 18 May, 2005
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