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Knight Lore

By Peter Hanratty

Remake of Ultimate's classic Knight Lore

6th May 2010 - RELEASED!
Well its actually the 31st July but I thought I better mention the prior release here as I noticed some people are still watching this page for updates (it was posted in the news section you know).

22nd Apr 2010 - IT'S FINISHED! Frak me, I can't believe it's taken nearly 4 years. Don't let anyone tell you us remakers arent a bunch of lazy sods -- wait, nevermind...
Give us a few days for the final testing and stuff then you can have it :)

31st Jan 2009 - Ok so only half a year this time. Mr Blythe has surpassed himself (as always) with the graphics. I'm just working on the highscores and then the final beta testing begins. It's definately nearly ready this time - promise. Check the new screenshots if you don't believe me :)

24th May, 2008 - HOLY SH** It's been over a year since the last update! Very close now. It plays like the original and has enough atmosphere for a Jupiter-sized planet. My work is pretty much done. It's now up to the other contributers :)

15th May, 2007 - All 128 rooms are built. All Hail Neil and his Filmation project! Everything is exactly where it should be from the original :)
This is the part where we wait for the graphics. Next update in 5-10 years ;)
Oh - and if youre a 3D modeller see the news on the main page. I'm rather in need of one right now.

8th April, 2007 - We have shadows! The shadow volume implementation went as smoothly as my sword through my mate's couch *ahem*. All thats left are the user interface and some basic particle effects for the sparklies. Time for the rest of the team to get their fingers out because I'll have nothing left to do shortly :)

19th March, 2007 - Setbacks setbacks... After alot of work on what was proving to be a very promising shadow mapping technique, the final thing turned out quite badly for reasons which will probably remain unknown for the rest of time. Disheartening as it is, every good project has it's share of setbacks. Let this be a lesson to anyone who wants to use shadow maps: If you're limiting yourself to 1.1 shaders then forget it. Use volumes instead ;)

9th January, 2007 - Despite the lack of updates, work has been progressing steadily and is now in the final stages, although it's still impossible to estimate a release date. 'Soon' will have to do you for now - and you can expect a few nice surprises too ;)

27th July, 2006 - Continuing on from the progress of WulfRyder, I'm currently working on the scripting language - 108 commands (with quite a few more to come once the sound and GUI are ready). If that sounds like alot then it is. I'm having to write programs just to generate some of the code!


Downloads Tracked: 25887
Platforms: pc
Start Date: 15 June, 2006
Finish Date: 22 April, 2010
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Spanish Translation: Ignacio Perez Gil
Additional Textures: Marc Russel
Map Data: Neil Walker
Graphics: John Blythe
Coding, Music+SFX: Peter Hanratty