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Wizards Lair

By John Dow

Wizards Lair, by Bubble Bus, was (I think) Steve Crow's first major Spectrum title. It's a cross between Sabre Wulf and Atic Atac.

Atic Atac and Sabre Wulf are two games that I really really like. The trouble is, they are cursed. Oh yes. I started writing a remake of Sabre Wulf. My hard drive died. I persevered. My hard drive died again. I scrapped Sabre Wulf and started Atic Atac, with a new shiny computer. My hard drive died. I persevered. My bathroom flooded and poured water and soggy plaster over my PC. I persevered. My house burned down.

There's an old adage that states that when one finds oneself in a hole, it's generally considered a good thing to stop digging. So I did. I cast them from me with a cry of "begone" like a pair of malignant old sweaty socks.

Then, about a week ago, I came across the map viewer wot I'd writ for Sabre Wulf and was immediately bathed in a feeling of nostalgia which smelled slightly of wet plaster. By this time, of course, our Jeff had started remaking Sabre Wulf (started??) and Rich had taken on Atic Atac.

Aha! Thought I - Wizards Lair is a cross of the two! And so it is, and so it will be.

I've got as far as creating a game skeleton. I'm coding in C with Allegro, using Bloodshed DevC++. The wonderful Chris Wild is currently poring over the snapshot wearing milk-bottle-thick horn rimmed spectacles with a view to working out how the lovely Mr Crow stored the map.

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Platforms: pc, mac, linux
Start Date: 23 November, 2004
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