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Jumping Jack: Further Adventures

By Neil Walker

A remake of the classic game. This time includes high-score codes for online registration, 4 person multi-player and upto 200 computer aided players.

Hello and welcome to Jumping Jack, The further adventures of Skunk McGeordie

It may not be football. But it's better than sex.

  • To bypass the intros start the game with the -nologo (e.g. jackwin -nologo) or press any key when loaded
  • Press F1 in the game for instructions or read the actual menu instructions
  • The first few levels are quite boring to get you into the swing of it. The best thing to do is to give yourself a few dozen auto-geordies and play death-match on level 5 or so (cheat mode is better in death-match ;)


Progress through 9 increasingly difficult levels to obtain the new Jumping Jack poem and free Skunk for his misery.

Alternatively play death-match with 0 to 4 human players and upto 200 computerised opponents in a single level. 0 players means you want to watch the computers.

Either way, get to the top and avoid the gaps and hazards. Falling to the bottom row will lose a life.

Game Play
In single player mode you use left/right to move, up to jump and down (Action key) to enter a safety zone, available on each level. Watch your score line as you only receive a set number of 'safes'. At the end of each level you are given a password to allow you to go straight to this level if you die, an extra life, a new 'safe'.

In death-match mode it is first to the top. Once you are in a 'safe' zone you can press the action key again to unleash a fireball which will burn all players on that level and all above.

  • A new gap is added every time you jump through a hole in single player. In death-match it is dependant upon the number of players to keep the game consistent. There is a maximum allowed for each level. Scoring is dependant upon the level and is how many gaps you jump.
  • The ordering, positioning and moving of gaps and hazards is consistent with the original Jumping Jack game.
  • The game is written to work at 30 (default) or 60 Frames Per Second
  • The sound system utilises your sound card to play as many samples as it can. so the better the card, the better the sound!


Left, Right, Jump, Safe/Fireball are:
player 1 - cursors
player 2 - zxqa
player 3 - nmuj
player 4 - 1352

F1 - Help on all keys
F2 - Toggle showing FPS (frames per second)
F3 - Turn Auto FPS on
F4 - Grab the current scene as a bitmap
F5 - Pause
F6 - Show player numbers.
F8 - Toggle music on/off
F9 - Toggle sound effects on/off
F10 - Quick exit.
ESC - Exit the game.


Q. Is there a cheat mode? and what does it do?
A. Yes and it does what you may or may not expect and the password (hint) is fairly close to home (hint again).

Q. It does not show the game. It stops after it has finished creating the players.
A. This is because it is taking longer to process the players than it does to display it, i.e. the FPS is too low. Use ESCape to exit. The fix is to increase the FPS. See next.

Downloads Tracked: 26091
Platforms: pc source mac
Start Date: 17 September, 1999
Finish Date: 03 November, 1999
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Sound FX:
High Score
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Coding: Neil Walker
Graphics: John Blythe