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Everyone's a Wally

By John Dow

A straight remake of Mikrogen's 1985 explore em up. Guide Wally Week and family through the town in an attempt to crack the bank safe code. And you get to be a hippy!

I've wanted to do this game for years but kept chickening out - it's a big project. Still, baby steps and all that. So, today, I got my C compiler tweaked and a new project set up and that's probably the last I'll see of it for a week or so. Cos my first task is to map out the game in screenshots, find every item, every bad guy, and work out exactly how the game works. Once I've done all that I'll be able to think about writing a line of code. More news as it happens.

So, so far I've worked through one of the maps published in Crash - there seem to be thirty seven locations, two of which are the asteroids and chase minigames. So, not a huge game area, but it's the complexity of paths between the rooms that's going to do the head nipping :)

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Platforms: pc
Start Date: 20 February, 2002
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