Ice town has been invaded by the evil snow trolls, all around is chaos as
the snow trolls kidnap Ice towns inhabitants. Amongst the turmoil one Penguin stands tall (or on tip toes) and decides to fight back. Our hero Pen-Pen and his sweetheart Deda-Deda set out to rescue the kidnapped citizens of Ice Town who have been sealed inside star blocks. Can Pen-Pen battle his way thru many tough and dangerous levels rescue his friends and beat back the evil snow troll army.

This page describes some of the cute characters you'll meet while playing Push-Push penguin and some of the special features contains within the game.

(our hero)
The brave Pen-Pen is the only remaining inhabitant of Snow Town with enough guts and determination to save his friends from the evil Snow Troll army.

Pen-Pens sweetheart Deda-Deda is very protective of the heroic Pen-Pen so she decides to join him in his fight for freedom!

Green Troll
The cannon Fodder of the Snow Troll army.

Octo Troll
Octo will hunt you down with a relentless hunger.

Bad Panda
Watch out, if Bad Panda sees you he'll charge with no concern for those around him.

Bunny Love
Bunny has a thing for Pen-Pen if she sees him she will chase, over come with love!

Who is this strange bouncing blob?

Star Sprites
Collect this for an extra life.

With a new pair of sneakers Pen-Pen can run extra fast!

Tome of Level Jump
A mysterious old book explains how to jump forward 1 level.

Life Potion
Gives Pen-Pen the power of invincibility.

Extra Life Trophy
Collect this for an extra life.

Stop Watch
Gives Pen-Pen the power of to stop time.

What is this stange flaming tourch power-up.