Guide Pen-Pen or his sweetheart Deda-Deda around the mazes and try to crush all monsters on screen with the Ice Blocks scattered around. Use the Action button to push the ice block or crush it if it cannot be pushed.
If you face the outer wall and press the Action button then you will start
breathing the icy breath onto them which will make them freeze. If there are
any monsters walking by the frozen wall they will get instantly stunned and
you can use this ability to crush them with an ice block.
Try to spell BONUS for surprise, and rack up combo scores by killing Snow Trolls in various imaginative ways.

Pen-Pen (player 1) :
Keyboard / Joystick
Action Right CTRL Joystick 1 Button 1
Left Cursor Left Joystick 1 Left
Right Cursor Right Joystick 1 Right
Up Cursor Up Joystick 1 Up
Down Cursor Down Joystick 1 Down

Deda-Deda (player 2) :
Keyboard / Joystick
Action Left CTRL Joystick 2 Button 1
Left Keypad A Joystick 2 Left
Right Keypad D Joystick 2 Right
Up Keypad W Joystick 2 Up
Down Keypad S Joystick 2 Down
Special commands :
Keyboard / Joystick
Gfx F4 ---
Menu ESC Joystick 1/2 Button 2
1 Player 1 Joystick 1 Button 1
2 Players 2 Joystick 2 Button 1

You can press <ESC> key to get into the MENU at any time in the game. The same can be done with Button 2 on any of the joysticks. On the menus you can restart the game, exit to main screen (or to System) and turn Sound On/Off. In the main screen you can also display High Scores.