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Russell Hoy

Busy stalking Raffaele Cecco for kicks

Slave to the machine

Personal Website Not Listed

Born Wendy McGubbins, Russell's parents quickly changed his name after he developed a worrying habit of rolling around in piles of leaves before leaping out at people and shouting "Hoi! Hadawayyabastart!".

At the tender age of Forty three, Russell was adopted by a family of latin american Carpet Shampooers who taught him everything there is to know about floor-covering hygiene. Moving to Britain at the height of the Miner's Strike, Russell made a name for himself selling bacon sarnies on the picket lines, before falling foul of Maggie's Boys in Blue during a particularly heated game of snap in the local greasy spoon.

Despite his time in "The Big Hoose", Russell has developed into a well adjusted individual, with a talent for remaking games originally writ by the Cecco.

George Bernard Shaw once said "Two wrongs don't make a right but I believe two Wrights have just made an aeroplane", and that is as relevant to Russell today as it was one hundred years ago. Allegedly.

Russell currently lives on the Isle of Man with his pet SCSI cable.