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Versión española

2-News about the game development.
3-Legal points.


    This is the project I've been busy with the last years, on the rare spare time I still have the will to sit down in front of a computer. One of the best classic Spanish games: not a single Spanish who ever had a Spectrum is unaware of this game. Actually, the game is complete and totally playable, ans is only lacking graphics. I'm programing it on C, using the Allegro and Dumb libraries. In addition, I've had the unvaluable collaboration of Will Morton, who made the music of the game.

(Images of the Spectrum original version)
2-News about the game development:

    The first Windows version is ready at last! It's basically identical to the previous one, but the executable file does now work under Windows. Now let's just wait for the graphics to be finished...

3-Legal points:

    This program is distributed as ‘freeware’. That means that it can be distributed freely and without any problem, but only if it is for free and nobody gets any profit from it, and the whole .ZIP file is distributed with all it's files.

    Of course, the copyright of the game is still owned by Dinamic Multimedia.

    And one more thing: in the remote case that this program or it’s use causes any kind of damage, I will not accept any respnsability; you will be on your own.


    The game mechanics are very simple: you only have to avoid the enemies that are wandering on every room to make your way across Abu Simbel's temple, collecting the blue egyptian symbols that you will find in your way wich will enable you to keep on advancing further. You can control the game with a joystick, or you can use the following keys:
    Q-Long Jump.
    A-Short Jump.


    Sorry, nothing to download... yet ;)!

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