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2-Legal bits.
6-High scores.


    This is my remake of one of the best Spectrum games ever: Vortex’s Deflektor. I started the first version of this remake (Deflektor PC) in 1998, and just like an experiment when learning Visual Basic. A few years later, in 2004, it was clear that old version had grown too old, so I started a brand new one (Deflektor X4), using Allegro/C, with a 1024x768 screen resolution and with the great help of Graham Goring's graphics and Matt Simmonds' and Ant. Bircham's music. This later version is the one you can download and try here, although you can find the old Windows 3.11 Deflektor PC version too, still hosted becouse of historical reasons :).

2-Legal bits:

    This program is distributed as ‘freeware’, with the old Vortex people’s permission. That means that it can be distributed freely and without any problem, but only if it is for free and nobody gets any profit from it, and the whole .ZIP file is distributed with all it's files.

    Vortex Software and their old members still retain the copyright of the original game and it’s idea, graphics, etc., and still reserve them for their future use. ANY USE OF THOSE NOT AUTHORISED BY THEM IS FORBIDDEN.

    And one more thing: in the remote case that this program or it’s use causes any kind of damage, I will not accept any respnsability; you will be on your own.


    O.K., all this sounds good but, what's the game about? Roughly on every of the 63 levels of the game you have a laser beam emitter , and reflecting it on a few kind of objects you must take it make contact on a laser receiver. Easy? Not so: at the start of every level, the receiver's entrance will be blocked by an obstacle, to get rid of wich you must destroy first a certain number of detonators placed arround the level hitting them with your laser. You have three tries to solve each level, and you can loose one if your laser's energy runs out (it goes down constantly), or when the overload level reaches the max. The overload level will increase slowly when the laser is deflected in a 180° angle and enters again the emitter, or very fast if it hits a mine. The various objects that are arround the levels are the following ones:

Laser emitter.
It emits the laser beam at the start of the level and until it runs out of energy, if an overload excess does not make it explode first...
Laser receiver.
Once removed the obstacle at it's entrance, make the beam go into it to go to the next level.
Ir reflects the laser beam on an angle depending on it's orientation. You can change it by placing the cursor over it and pressing right or left while you are pressing fire (if you are controlling the game with the keyboard), or clicking it with the left or right button of the mouse (if you are using this device). Some mirrors are automaticaly spinnig all the time.
Hit all of them with your laser to make them explode. When the last one blasts off, the entrance of the receiver will be cleared and you will be able to finish the level.
Try not to hit any of these, or your laser's overload will raise at a high speed.
Absorbent bricks.
They stop your laser by absorbing it.
Reflekting bricks.
These bricks, on the contrary of the absorbent ones, will not be an obstacle for your laser, due to their polished surface that will reflect it.
Absorbent logical door.
The laser will only run through this object if its orientation is the same as it's inner angle. If not, the laser will stop when hitting it. Just like mirrors, some of then are automatically spinning all the time.
Reflekting logical door.
They work just like the absorbent ones, with the exception that they reflect the laser, instead of absorbing it, when it can't run through it.
If the laser beam enters this device, it will be reemitted on a angle changing constantly between ±90° the original angle.
Optical fiber node.
This device works in pairs of the same colour. If the laser enters one of them, if will disappear into it and reappear from the other.
Highly unpleasant bugs, that are allways hanging arround, changing the mirror's orientation when it's less convenient for you. You can make them disappear by pressing fire over them, but they will reappear soon...


    there are a lot of people that helped me with this game; the most important of them are the following ones:


   This game was made by the following people:
      Original game: Costa Panayi, Ben Daglish and Mark-Haigh Hutchinson.
      Music: Matt Simmonds and Ant. Bircham..
      Graphics: Graham Goring.
      Coding and sound effects: Ignacio Pérez Gil.

6-High scores:

    If you want everyone yo know how good you are at playing Deflektor X4, that's just easy! You only need clicking the "Upload" button on the high scores list for them to be automatically sent to Retrospec's web. If the upload doesn't work, you can allways edit the "pnt.txt" file on the game's folder, and there you'll find the codes for all your scores, so you can upload them manually at Retrospec's main page. If you want to take a look at the scores uploaded right now , just click here.


    Right now, the only available downloads are the source code and the Windows and Mac (Thanks to Iñaki Martínez for this one!) executable versions, although other ones may be available soon.
Download Deflektor X4 Windows or OSX version
Download Deflektor X4's source code
Download Deflektor PC Windows 3.11 version


©2001-2008, Ignacio Pérez Gil.

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