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Versión española

    And this is the usual links page... Here you can find other pages about remakes, Spectrum stuff and others.

Computer Emuzone (
Emulators, abandonware, remakes... All about Spanish games. Very good pages.

Remakes Zone (
A great page about all Spanish remakes.

Retro Remakes (
The most complete page about all kind of remakes.

World of Spectrum (
A great page about the Spectrum scene, where you can find a HUGE archive of games, emulators, utilities, etc.

Planet Sinclair (
Another great spectrum page, with an impressive compilation of information about Spectrun computers and hardware.

Sir Fred (
Sir Fred's remake, that's certainly one of the best remakes ever done (on Spanish).

Phantomas PC (
A nearly finished remake of the Spanish classic, being made by a group of very skilled people with Traperic (the author of Humphrey's Linux and GP2X ports) among them (on Spanish).

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