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     For all those who still don't know it, these pages are about my "remakes" works, that is, programming PC versions of old games made for 8-bits computers, the ZX Spectrum in particular.


    These pages are structured by the following sections:

-Deflektor X4 UPDATED
My first game, on a brand new and updated version, ready to download.
-Humphrey UPDATED
One of the best Spanish games of all time.
-AbuSimbel Profanation
One of the games I'm currently workingon.
Sweevo's World
The other game I'm working on. Still on a very early stage.
-Alien 8 UPDATED
My newest finished game is one of the most famous 8 bit games.
The isometric engine I did for Alien 8 and Sweevo's World is finished and free for anyone using Allegro-C to make their own isometric games.
-Future projects
The games I would want to make one day.
-Other games
Other Spectrum games (snapshots) I've modified personally, and a few minor PC games made by myself too.
Links to other remakes pages, etc.

 I would like to dedicate these pages to Conchi, my wife, and Raquel, my little child, for not arguing about me wasting the 1% of my spare time on these fooleries, if only she can use the other 99% at her own will ;).
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