Skoolweb was last updated on 26th October 2003
KO99 upgraded to Windows, about time too!!!

Linux users: Klass of 99 works very well in GNU/Linux with Cedega

Windows PC version by Richard Jordan
Gameboy Advance version by Martin Eyre

Welcome to SkoolWeb! A little corner of the web dedicated to that timeless eighties classic, Skool Daze. This site plays host to "Klass of 99", a game which sees that boy Eric exploding back on to our screens in a brand new adventure on the PC and Gameboy Advance.

Klass of 99 is freeware. The original concept is not ours to sell and we don't intend to make a penny from it. We've already profited from this game via the relentless enthusiasm shown by so many fans of the original games.

richard dot jordan at blueyonder dot co dot uk