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About Retrospec

During the late 90's and into the new millenium, emulation had become a well established method of playing old 8-bit video games. The games we thought we'd left behind when we embraced the 16-bit era had suddenly found a new lease of life, and it was fun. But let's be honest, the nostalgia hit quickly wore off, and those old, slow, clunky games just didn't seem to be as much fun as they had been in our youth.

Enter the remakes scene! Kids from the 80s, turned professional programmers, artists and musicians, saw an opportunity and a ready made audience. Take those old games, spruce 'em up, add the features you always wanted and release them for free. Manic Miner in full colour, with glorious sound and music! There was no turning back.

Retrospec were one such group who brought to the scene, what we like to think, were some of the best remakes around. It all began back in 1999 as an idea on the comp.sys.sinclair newsgroups. Here's the thread that started it all off.

Things might have quietened down now, we've all moved on to bigger and better things, but the games and utilities we created are still available to download for free. You may have trouble getting some of them to work, and for that we can only blame progress.

Where Are We Now?

Here are a few links to Retrospec old timers that are still creating stuff...